IAH-BGID Activities at IAH 2019

Hydrogeology of Africa: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Help us create the first Hydrogeology of Africa pages in Wikipedia!

The Africa Groundwater Atlas is an online portal providing a synthesis of the groundwater resources of Africa at a country scale. At the 46th IAH Congress, we will be running a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to create “Hydrogeology of…” pages for every country in Africa based on the content of the Atlas. During this 3-hour session, anyone with an interest in African hydrogeology can come along to help us edit Wikipedia to make hydrogeology information for Africa more visible and accessible to a wider audience.

Who can participate? Anyone! No experience of Wikipedia or African hydrogeology is required

When is it happening? Monday 22nd September, 4pm – 7pm, at the IAH Congress in Malaga

Will there be refreshments? Yes!

How do I get involved? Find out more here or register by emailing: AfricaGWAtlas@bgs.ac.uk





IAH-BGID Annual General Meeting

If you are interested in groundwater and international development, if you are curious about our Network activities and you want to know how be involved: join our Annual General Meeting that will be held during the forthcoming IAH Congress on September 24 (Multi-uses room nº 1) from 18:30 to19:30.

Kirsty Upton and the IAH-BGID Steering Committee